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Comments from a few FB posters:

I don't mean to be a kill-joy but "Bangladesh" defeated India we didn't. It's kind of sad how we seem to think Bangladesh is still a part of us when Bengalis don't want to have anything to do with us. Yes i'm happy that India is out of the series but I wish it had been because of us rather than Bangladesh.
THANK GOD someone posted this! I'm sick of these posts. And HELLO, it's not East Pakistan anymore! What are you some 80 year old person still dreaming in the 1970's? It's actually more offensive than affectionate to use that word. Emotional fool qaum. No wonder we're stuck with Zardari -
We dumped India, Bangladesh dumped us. It's all good fun, man - we're all ex's of each other and this is just a bad high school reunion!
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