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LOL dude, you seriously need to calm your balls down. Seriously! Fat Ben is dead. Never questioned his stats or talents, I'm sure he was good at one point but now he can barely stand up on his 2 feet. And the games that Pits won last year was lot because of their D. Wallace and Brown reached their feat because of their talent and speed, not because of Ben. And that's my point, if they had a fit QB, they would do ever better. And by that I do not mean Alex Smith is that better QB. I never said that nor did I compare him to the bests in the league. So stop jumping the gun there and go read my post again. Alex Smith had 5 different head coaches, 7 different OCs and about 20+ receivers. He finally got a settled team and staffs and I'm looking forward to see him prove himself. But I never said he is the best damn prospect out there. So stop trying to argue against random points I never made. And the niners did want him, he was offered a deal, but HE himself didn't sign it. So they went after Manning, and who wouldn't go after Manning? That doesn't mean 49ers don't want Smith.

And past is the past, because everyone knows about the red and gold glory days of the 9ers. I have no reason to bring them up and brag because my intention was never to brag. Again, stop putting words in my mouth. My intention was to look for a WR that would help our deep threats. And Wallace one of those beast and he is available.

And those are his names given by PEOPLE not by me. No one likes that fat headed rapist. Get out of your box and look around. And please do not cast him with the league's current bests. He shoul be the last one on that list. Mannings, Brady, Rodgers, Brees and then who else is there after them? No one, so duh the fat boy is in the "top 5."

I haven't looked into Bowe since last months, when he was still on the 9ers list.

Anyways, IDK if you can read, but those so called "counter arguments" you are trying to make are very random because I never made those arguments in the first place. Go read and stop putting words in my mouth. Don't know why you are getting so upset/offended, could be that time of the month, but stop barking and stop pretending like you are the only one who follows football. Ridicules!
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