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Kaler Kontho report:

I never thought we would lose the game - Anamul

Kaler Kontho: Your tears truly express how you felt. Please tell us, How did the loss in the final affect you?
Anamul: what else can I say. I have Nothing more to say. Truly, I have nothing much to say. We were soo close to such a huge achievement, only two runs away. This grief will never go away. Even Though I was not in the starting XI, I was so involved in the game to an extent that I wanted the team to win from the bottom of my heart. When I was that The Trophy has been taken away from, my Heart could not Tolerate that; to me it was unacceptable. Thus, I couldn't control my emotions.

Kaler Kontho: Did you ever think it was Possible to achieve the target after Pakistan scored 236?
Anamul: In Every single Moment, I thought It was possible. Even when Shakib Bhai was out, I thought it was possible. The way Mashrafee Bhai was batting, felt it was still attainable. Riyad bhai was won us a match in the past, Why not Today? Last Time, Raz bhai couldn't connect with bat and ball last time, perhaps he will connect today.

Kaler Kontho: Before the Last Over:
Anamul: All of us were very much optimistic. We thought that Afridi and Ajmal are the most dangerous bowlers. by then, their quota of 10 overs has been completed. When I saw Cheema in the last over I thought, We cannot be stopped; somehow, he will bowl a couple of bad balls. perhaps we will get an edge or the ball will reach the ropes somehow. Believe me, Even when Rajib bhai was on the crease, I thought He will hit it for four. Never ever before the loss occurred, We thought we would lose this match.

Kaler Kontho: Whenever a new player is inducted into the Bangladesh National Team, they are very much used to see us losing. Even if you didn't play, You saw the team Winning. How much encouragement for future goals will you derive from the Teams' recent success?
Anamul: I am very much inspired. Alongside the team, I feel that I cannot look back. If Tamim bhai scores four fifties, I have to score four fifties too. On top of that, I want to convert one of these fifties to a hundred. If Shakib bhai is man of the tournament, Why can't I achieve such accolades? Even if i didn't get a single game to play, I sense a motivation inside me. I saw right before my eyes, that It is possible to beat India and Sri Lanka. It is our misfortune that we couldn't beat Pakistan. I think to myself, We can also go to England and Austrralia and hand them defeats too. Truly we feel that we are moving on ahead. There is no time to look back.

Kaler Kontho: Are you disappointed that you didn't feature in a game?
Anamul: of course! I was very much hopeful that They would feature me in one game. In that same game, I would lead my team towards victory, and then the next day you shall see newspaper headlines: "Bijoy's first encounter brings a Win for Bangaldesh". It didn't happen. However, The team achieved a lot so I am very happy. Only if we had won the final match.
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