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Originally Posted by Roey Haque
Thanks for welcoming me everybody.Yeah I do see there is a thread attributed specifically to Shakib, but posting there is not as convenient as making a new thread about a topic. You don't have to scroll down so much, and can easily see any new updates. I'm surprised the mods have allowed this feature of sub threads ( threads inside threads) to go on. It makes tracking very difficult. In any case thanks for the welcome. I've been a Tiger fan for a long time, I drive myself crazy over the team selections every single match. I thought this forum would be a good springboard for the song I made and so I signed up. But all the peeps seem to be bery knowledgeable and willing to discuss topics; so I might start a new thread, letting my heart out on issues which have been bugging me.

For example, Mushfiq is an okay keeper today, but the team has paid the price for his horrible keeping earlier on, and still does so from time to time. He is basically learning on the job, which is laughable. Shouldn't we have embraced Dhiman Ghosh who makes far less errors than Mushfiq after his return from the ICL? Anyway I'm going off in a tangent. Talk to ya'll later.

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Dhiman Ghosh why? The world has changed brother, nowadays, even bowlers have to bat a bit, and for WK its a must. Most WKs nowadays get into the team ahead of the others for Top quality batting aside from WK ability. Mr. Dhiman Ghosh here hasnt peformed at all in big matches in the domestics and FYI mushy has improved his WKs
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