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Originally Posted by nahaz
Rabz bhai, do you know the honour roll of all the national cricketers that came from WIlles?
1. Mehrab Hossain Opi
2. Khaled Mahmud Sujon
3. Atahr ALi Khan??

Anyone else?

The big reason I think WIlles started off with so many cricketers was that it had a big ground and students had the opportunity to play cricket. I am guessing the coaching staff are great too. Remember watching two keepers diving around the concretepone day... it was quite something.People from WIlles always had a high level of courage, and a decent level of intelligence. Was a high calibre school full of educated middle class. Wonder how it is today. It was going downhill by the time I left...
National team players from Willes that I can confirm:

Mehrab Hossain Opi
Mehrab Hossain Jnr (current player)

I'm not too sure about Shujon and Atahar. Shujon is originally from Siddeswari (my neighborhood) and in his early years played in Amorjoti with its home base in Siddeswari Balur Math. He could have gone to Willes/Siddeswari Boys High but I dont know really.

I think I've heard of Atahar being Willesian, but can't confirm though. But it would make sense, Willes is the first English School in Bangladesh and was one of the most prominent one up until mid 90s when the others caught up and ours started to go down the hill with internal teachers politics, Bangla medium-English medium feud, introduction of College level while shelving the A levels etc. I left school by the end of '97 and these days, the standard of my school really saddens me.
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