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Originally Posted by Rifat
Based on Responses from the fan based site,

Why do i get the impression that majority Opinion in BC != general opinion/social norms in Dhaka/Bangladesh...

it seems to me that most members here(if not almost all) would detest carrying a pakistan flag/pakistani facepaint in the stadium, and yet when we see matches in SBNS....many Bangladeshi supports Pakistan! me no understand? u y no....?
It could be possible the minority is more motivated to show their support than the majority. They have a good lobby base. More tightly knit.

Or it could be anomalous observation, or rapid generalization of a fact that we hold in our brain as repulsive.

One attracts two things to ones attention - what you love and what you hate. One attracts what one hates to one's attention more than what one loves. Human nature - hence the ever so popular saying, and cliched, stay positive.

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