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Originally Posted by Farhad

The survey is intended for the general populace in order to determine if refurbished laptops can compete in the marketplace.
no it can't. there answered. I did your survey none the less but i don't expect your findings to be surprising.

Laptops/mobile devices are part of fashion now, no longer just simply a necessity device. It is like clothes, they are both a necessity and part of uniqueness/fashion. In the era of adam, clothing was simply a necessity, it would prevent you from getting raped maybe... but as time passed it became such a fashion that often it invites rapists. Similarly the adam era of pc was in the late 80s to 90s, where having a computer was advantage over someone else - as you are more connected, more efficient, more knowledgeable .. but now everyone has a computing device - now everyone wants to have an advantage or uniqueness over other, hence it is fashion... hence the latest gadget will appeal.

So refurbished laptops can not compete just like flee market can not compete with brands. (so price is most of the time not a factor - i see how ur survey tried to determine if price would make a diff, it wouldnt). However, that doesn't mean there isn't a market for it. there are always people whose compute would break down and would need a cheap replacement - these are the same ppl that would go to a flee market to buy second hand clothes...

now you compare the market for used clothes and market for brands - you have your answer.

I know what I said above may not make any sense.. lol ..but one of my hobbies is to spot trends .... so i think different. oh wait is it differently? doesn't matter trend setters could use whatever, however, that's why they are who they are....

(btw that was an apple reference if u are lost and thinking i am totall crszy lol)
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