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Originally Posted by Gowza
yes well tamim is a pretty good batsman so i wouldn't expect anamul to be better than him just yet but what is being said is that by the end of their careers anamul could potentially be better than tamim....who knows that's so long away and a very long journey. but a lot of people not just on the forums but coaches think he is a pretty special player and ready for international cricket, and with our 2nd opener issues i think it's time for anamul to get a shot. if they drop nazimuddin then it will be really unfair not to give the nod to anamul since he was selected in the last, that should mean that he's next in line.

the thing with BD selection is that it can be all over the place. imo if you're going to select someone into the squad you better be willing to give them a spot in the XI if someone was to get injured or lose form/not work out otherwise you're sending mixed messages and it only harms.
Okay let's compare oranges to oranges, that is look at youth ODIs only (U19):

Anamul has been marginally better than Tamim in the past in U19s against G8s. Batsmen with over 200 runs in U19 ODIs:

And for U19 openers against G8 with more than 200 runs:

Tamim and Anamul look similar in performance as U19s, with Anamul marginally better.
Now the question comes down to: how do their foundations differ? Is Anamul more technically sound then Tamim to grow farther? That too is close with Anamul better: As openers, Anamul was bowled 3 times out of 17(with a 51 average) and Tamim 4 out of 17 (with a 34 average).;type=batting
Performance of players when opened and bowled:

My verdict is looking at numbers Anamul has been slightly better with potential to exceeding Tamim. Cool, Thanks for helping me understand a bit more.

Please point out any suggestions about assumption I have made - e.g. being bowled I assumed as a sign of technical flaw on average.

Oh btw, Nazimuddin had a 15 average in U19 from 7 matches in 2003-2004 time frame. Against G8.
(He is not on the top list above as he did not accumulate more than 200 runs, he has 106)
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