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BDFlag Sober-ing Shakib and Kallis

My new dream for Shakib.
But I have a question, has Kallis already exceeded Sobers's greatness?

Who should be the ultimate criterion for the best test all-rounder in history? Kallis or Sobers?

Who is it that if surpassed we can really say that Shakib is best all-rounder in history?

When can we replace the following Line in Cricinfo with Shakib's name?

In a nutshell While Bradman's status as the greatest batsman is increasingly under threat, no one raises an eyebrow at Garry Sobers being called the greatest allrounder.

I named it Sobering Shakib and Kallis... Is that a misnomer?

Discussions on becoming the best in all formats are welcome.

That is best in history - simultaneously in all formats and individually in each format.

Am I asking too much?

Can I dream a bit...a lot ... dream BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Addendum 1 March 30, 2012
I added Botham after reading Shuja Bhai's post, and seeing Botham's beast bowling stats - sorry Botham, thanks Shuja Bhai)
Addendum 2:
Imran March 30, 2012
Addendum 3
Kapil Added after reading Boka Bhai's post. Thanks! March 31, 2012
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