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Originally Posted by zsayeed
My new dream for Shakib.
But I have a question, has Kallis already exceeded Sobers's greatness?

Who should be the ultimate criterion for the best test all-rounder in history? Kallis or Sobers?

Who is it that if surpassed we can really say that Shakib is best all-rounder in history?
place the foWhen can we rellowing Line in Cricinfo with Shakib's name?

I named it Sobering Shakib and Kallis... Is that a misnomer?

Discussions on becoming the best in all formats are welcome.

That is best in history - simultaneously in all formats and individually in each format.

Am I asking too much?

Can I dream a bit...a lot ... dream BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That will never happen as Shakib would never get a chance to play that many matches to surpass Sober's or Kallis's record.

And to say the truth the cricket world would never consider him as one of the greats unless he does something extraordinary against those elite teams (England, Aus, SA) and away from home.. or a man of tournament performance in the World Cup would earn him more respect than what he is getting now... So Shakib have to work really really hard. He have to get those double feats (century + 5 wicket hauls) or have to make a habit of scoring centuries more often.

But you know what separates Shakib from these greats is how this boy shone with limited resources that was available for him and with very little support from his teammates( I mean in terms of performance) .. for a long time he carried the burden of his team all by himself (Yeah he is still carrying the fair share of the burden but now at least many others has stepped up to support him). If you look at the match by match stats for both Sobers and Kallis you will see they always got a consistent partner at the other end who were more than capable of hitting centuries. And for bowling none of Sobers or Kallis were their team's strike bowlers, sometimes they even didn't have to bowl for more than 10 overs. But Shakib doesn't have that luxury..... It's him or none.He have to snatch the victory for his team all by himself ..In fact he has instilled that belief in his teammates now.. This itself is legendary IMO ...

I personally don't care whether the world recognizes him as one of the great all-rounders or not .But all I want him to do is to contribute more for his team and take BD to a respectable position. I think Shakib himself too cares less about those stats..But we all know that if he is successful to do so the stats will just follow and who knows may be one day we will see someone writing :

"In a nutshell While Bradman's status as the greatest batsman is increasingly under threat, no one raises an eyebrow at Shakib Al Sobers being called the greatest allrounder."

And yes I am with you - DREAM BIG
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