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Originally Posted by oronnya

I personally don't care whether the world recognizes him as one of the great all-rounders or not .But all I want him to do is to contribute more for his team and take BD to a respectable position. I think Shakib himself too cares less about those stats..But we all know that if he is successful to do so the stats will just follow and who knows may be one day we will see someone writing ....

And yes I am with you - DREAM BIG
Thanks. Greatness, I am speaking of - and greatness occurs in the dark recesses of the heart. Not by stats. Stats will speak volumes after the event - as does Sobers'. He is capable of greatness; and to say that one does not care - is robbing of the dream. Why apologize for it ? Set the sights high. He is not on trial here, its to set a target - remember: passion starts with a belief. A lifetimes work may result in greatness. It is not out of reach... or is it?

10 years from now I want to look back at that table, and be able to say, aah what a dream we dreamt!
I Want to Believe
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