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Originally Posted by playmaker
our W/L ratio is stll less, might as well start getting busy from now on..and hopefully we can tour NZ soon enough
Also, the relative number of wins over the number of matches played is also not as good. You might want to use the normalized value over the actual number as that would put things in perspective.

BAN = 9/37 = 24%
NZ = 7/28 = 25%
WIN = 7/37 = 19%

SO NZ was marginally better than us but we were significantly no better than WIN. The not does not in any way take away from our basic premise that we have done as well if not better than NZ and WIN this decade.

Eye opener.

The problem as you have clearly shown is that we are not consistent - and we have been losing more than we should amongst the associates.

How does your analysis look if you limit to the last 5 years?
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