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If the IPL wants a window within the international calendar then the other boards should demand that the foreign player cap is done away with or at the very least ensure that it is raised to six foreign players per XI.

I disagree. 5 is way too many for BPL. For IPL sometimes 4 seems too many. India have too many players of international standards waiting for a chance.

They have so many players who are better than Tamims and Shakibs(batting) waiting to get a team.

Bangladesh played 5 foreigners because we don't have that many players who are international standards.
You are missing the point. Any team can play up to eleven Indians if they want. The restriction is only on foreigners. And who are these players better than Tamim/Shakib that are being deprived of a team? Last time I saw the IPL the standard of some of the Indian players was terrible and you had international superstars sitting on the bench.
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