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Senman is right. IPL has every right to limit the number of foreigners that take the field for any of the franchises. It's the Indian Premier League for God's sake. They have chosen to promote Indian players by reserving a fixed number of slots for them. Makes perfect sense to me.

I wouldn't want 11 foreigners taking the field for a BPL team, so why would an IPL team have to do so?

You want a league that fields the best players from around the world, then start your own league.

Lack of local player quotas is an important reason why the English Premiership is a great league, but the England team is pathetic. Similar story with Italy.

I get that some people are upset that Tamim/Shakib might not get enough opportunities to play for their respective IPL teams because of the foreigner quota, but heck, they knew that from the start. Yet, they decided to sign for KKR/PWI anyway. That alone should tell you all that you need to know.
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