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Originally Posted by Equinox
The status-quo is fine as long as the IPL is not pursuing a window within the international calendar. If they are awarded a window it effectively means no international cricket will be scheduled during the IPL. Why should the other international teams and their players sit idly for the domestic tournament of another country? Hence, if you are going to interrupt the international schedule it's only fair that the selection of players is merit-based and players from the other teams get a fair deal. The BPL is different because it is a two-week tournament that does not disrupt the international schedule. Players only play if they are not in national duty.
i agree..if ipl gets a international window then its not a Indian league anymore

but it doesn't have a int window yet so its an Indian league and indian players gets the preference more then any other players...i hated when oversea players were getting more chances in the BPL so its only logical
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