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Originally Posted by senman
Don't agree. Simply because India has too many players to ignore. Instead they should limit the number of foreign players getting registered. What works for IPL doesn't work for BPL vice versa.
Not true. If allowed franchises would definitely go for big name internationals over uncapped locals. How many newcomers and ex-nationals shine compare to internationals and current nationals? Not many, may be a quarter of all. No way India has enough local players for all 10 franchises of the same standard to match internationals. No country has. Franchises play 7 locals because they have to. And many of them earn hefty amount of money even after showing poorer form than internationals. IPL enjoys its current status because of international players. Even Indian viewers wouldn’t watch the matches if only local players played. How many Indians go to the stadium when India’s best 36 players play among themselves (I think its called Challenger trophy)?

And all these talk about IPL preparing the youngsters for international cricket is not quite right either. It does help but you can’t say IPL is the only reason Indian cricket rose recently. Their cricket was on the rise since Gaunguly’s time. Franchises pick those young locals because they have done well in domestics. IPL is just a money machine anyway. And you are right- India is not Bangladesh. They don’t need to depend on just IPL to groom their youngsters. India get to play lot more international cricket and their domestic cricket is the strongest in subcontinent. So from an Indian’s point of view its great- young Indians earning truckload of money but as an International viewer I like to watch big performers in action.
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