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Originally Posted by senman
You have misunderstood the point I was making, When I said India has too many players to ignore, it means there are simply too many players will be left out if there is no foreign cap. It means franchise as you mentioned will prefer Internationals than local players. That is the point I was making. Indians watch IPL because Indian players playing with Internationals not the other way around. If you arrange a match between Australia vs England (international match) in India would that gather the crowds the IPL is pulling? no I don't think so. Did you watched How many world cup games played in empty stadiums.

Secondly its true IPL is not needed to groom youngsters but a platform for youngsters to show their mettle up against the best in business. Stuffing too many international will deny a chance for the local boy which no country would like.

I can understand your feeling as International viewer to watch lot of International players in action but the league is a compromise for local and International viewer. You can't satisfy both of them 100%.

BPL also should follow the same path. IPL may seem money machine for the viewers outside but its an option for Indian boys as lot of my younger countrymen are choosing Cricket as career, a new trend (usually only rich choose them as career because of financial input needed over a period of time).

IPL is not given International window, will never be, so the current model is good for IPL.
The IPL is good the way it is for locals. If there was 11 Indians I dont think the tournament wont be of much hype. At the end of the day will be just a tournament watched, sponsored and played by Indians. Which lowers the quality, lowers the money, lowers the interest of fans and player. So you need foreign players to give IPL an extra meaning, something to show that it is much different from other leagues.

Why is IPL necessary for indian cricket

1) If you are a local, youve really got to struggle to get a contract. For that you need to perform well to get the contract. So that PUSH makes your player more desperate, more determined. Remember, it will be the same sort of hunger that can get them the mentality of intl players...youve got to be better than others

2) Huge pressure: You maybe a local who hardly gets much of an exposure. Now your team needs you to perform badly. 60 needed of 40 balls, few wickets to spare and you are the last recognized batsman. You are under huge pressure, billions watching you, your team members are praying that you do well, and if you can handle the pressure and pull it off, you are the HERO. If it was any other competition there wudnt be such pressure and stuffs. This kind of situations show your temperament and tries to bring the best out of you

3) Spending time with Intl players: Iqbal abdullah, for example, can spend a lot of time with shakib, during practice, or hotel room. Shakib being experienced man and well talented can teach abdullah a lot of things which most coaches can teach you. He can tell you what ball should be bowled when, how to ball a different delivery. The same applies to other players in the tournament, you are sharing rooms with top players whom youve only seen on TV. its a big occassion to learn and become better

4) Imagine someone hitting a and a of malinga in a single over. That will give him real pleasure and confidence. Or someone getting gayle out. Imagine his confidence level. This certain memories will always help a, the presence of top quality players will make the competition more competitive and the locals will try to showcase their talent against top players

So basically, the foreign players is the real spice in the IPL. its there to make it better and thats why IPL is such a big platform for cricketers who do get chance. and with intl players comes intl viewership and intl sponsors..

(BTW, im jealous that BPL isnt anywhere near IPL but hopefully, BCB will improve the BPL)
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