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Love it when there is a contest between bat and ball like this:

Morkel to Tendulkar, no run, what a corker of a reply from Morkel, angled in and zipping away from Sachin, no way of playing that, lucky not to edge it, or get bowled, that wasn't far from the stumps
Morkel to Tendulkar, SIX, that has gone all the way, some stroke that, down the track, the ball was going away from him, he reached out and lofted it without fuss, it went comfortably over the deep extra cover boundary, Sachin holds the followthrough for effect
Morkel to Tendulkar, no run, phew, that is a jaffa, hurled in with the angle, and takes off from a good length, bounce and away movement, Sachin is beaten completely
Morkel to Tendulkar, FOUR, crack! Sachin goes through the packed off side infield, stays in the crease and punches it through extra cover
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