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Tamim's been always rated highly by the Indians. And Shakib's been hugely underrated by them (except for Shakrulz).

Lot to do with his swagger, his attitude, his aggressive batting. IDK why they don't rate Shakib or why they are so blind. Shakib is just as much aggressive, but it's a different sort of aggression. And Shakib is much better cricketer than Tamim.

If you had the chance to mess around with, joke around with, who would you choose between the two? Exactly. Tamim'd probably slap the crap out of you.

Shakib needs to get some swag-G on.
That's true I've noticed that too. But I have to disagree with your reasoning, I think it's simply because Tamim has more noteworthy innings v India than Shakib. Right from the agressive 50 in the WC to the 151 at the SBNS, Tamim has more or less always performed against them and that's why he has their attention. Same reason with England, you'll always hear their commentators talk about Tamim before Shakib.
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