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Originally Posted by playmaker
Comeon, think about it. Weve been waiting for a long time eagerly to see our HEROES in action and what happens is B grade cricketers play ahead of him. Its extremely frustrating to say the least

Shakib is Iceman so he will remain calm but a player of his calibre is sitting down in a club match while some pathetic cricketer named Jadeja is paid 2 million dollar to display pathetic-ness in the field
Calm down brother..Its Indian money and they can spend millions or billions on their over rated players. nothing wrong with that...Because its their own league...And What do you mean by 'waiting for a long time eagerly'? Our heros are playing cricket for last few months without any break. from pak series to asia cup they played lots of games.....I prefer to watch them play for their own country rather then playing in foreign league. few IPL games can be considered as bonus practice for t20 WC and a well deserved paid holiday... We are nor die hard IPL fan... so why this whinging?
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