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Originally Posted by Rifat
Hasn't there been enough signs already that if there is anyone anyone out there Who deserves the National Coaching job it's him? I mean COME ON!!! not only did The guy even intentionally declared his intentions in public, he constantly comes back to our fan site and even takes up a the BPL Champions coaching role. He clearly has a solid understanding of our players, our cricket culture, and He has been there before....adjustment is not and will not likely be the issue if he does decide to coach our National team. So...What is preventing/has prevented BCB to hire him? Money issue? or other issues? That should not be the issue. For the sake of our cricket + Passion, we can afford to spend that much money. right? He is very result oriented so even though sometimes he may fail like any other human being, it shouldn't take long for him to get the boys back on their feet? right?

I am sorry, this is my way of saying, Thank you IAN
I think Stuart bhai has probably proven himself now in the hearts of the fans for a long while.

Thanks for your support though. I am always open to working in Bangladesh as I was with Dhaka Gladiators in the BPL and hopefully showed what can be done when you back the local players fully

Let's see what the future holds for us all.

What I can say is that in 60 years, we will all be dust and who will remember us anyway?
No Cheating. No Corruption. No Excuses.
Players/Coaches have a duty to report and help clean up our wonderful game of cricket. We are the guardians of the game for the fans.
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