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Originally Posted by rifat @cri
I think Gambhir meant it was the best XI for a 12 over match . They probably thought 4-5 good batsmen are enough for a 12 over match and since they do not have good local fast bowlers they went with de lange
As I said before somewhere they were selecting the twelve-twelve specialists-players experienced with the number twelve. In the case of deLang it was a run rate of 12 and his deserving of beign twelfth man. I don't know how "Double G" came to the conclusion that in a 12 over game a guy who bowls inaccurately and randomly at high speed is a safe selection. The guy is unproven.

I think shakib was out of the side anyway regardless of the 12 over game
I don't think shakib features prominently in their planning as they continue to stuff the team full of spinners who are competitors to shakib

Despite the attack shartaz has gone through, have to agree with him that Bayliss may be playing a role (although a bit premature). Ideally it should be as Dilscoop said but this is IPL-i think a few of the matches are fixed anyhow
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