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RE: Official XXX threads in BanglaCricket forum

Do those threads bother anyone in anyway these days? It bothers me. I think it loses the purpose of forum to discuss on interesting topic buried under an "Official XXX thread". You really have to click on every single such threads and go to the last page to get the latest interesting news (about that XXX) if there's any! Now if there was a "popular" news and discussion which brought few more fresh pages to the thread you will have to browse each previous page to see what the discussion topic is about unless some very "kind" member quote the original news in the last page!

So my question is, can you do something about those official XXX thread? Mind you that I am not a prominent member with thousands of posts, but I do lurk here in BC often. So please take my complain/awareness/raising voice/advice with a grain of salt :P
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