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Ahsan bhai, thank you for your concern. You bring up a good point and I'll provide my personal take on this, as it has been something that at least I have been in two minds about. On the one hand, these official threads don't break any forum rules and initiators of such threads are in every right to open them. I realize the "official" prefix can be a source of confusion and you will notice that some of these threads have been stripped of this adjective in their titles. I think there is, within the staff and a certain group of members, a general acknowledgment of the fact that excessive thread merging can be problematic and if we're taking that route, then we might as well merge everything into a humongous "Everything about Bangladesh cricket" thread.

I think the difficulty, then, really lies in the fact that on the one hand, deleting a so-called "official" thread would be unfair on the initiator, but at the same time there are the concerns that you have raised. As a community, we can certainly work towards eradicating such threads by not posting in them. At the end of the day though, this forum thrives for its users and it's the users' voices that really matter at the end of the day.

Long story short, perhaps we can revisit this issue one more time.
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