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Thanks ATMR bhai for noticing it and replying. I appreciate it.

I agree that it will be unfair to OP if those official threads are deleted, especially when there is not such forum rule/restriction (glad there is none such though). My reason for raising the issue was not calling for straight out delete those threads. My sole purpose was to bring this issue to you guys even though you may have been already aware of it, and find out if there is a nice solution. The issue is more like organizing and easy-to-find way of presenting of threads/info to forum visitors to me.

Certainly we can not restrict what users will post (with/without breaking forum rules), but can we constantly make them aware of the issue by driving some campaign and/or encouraging (I am sure you guys did that already!) users not to open such threads/post some interesting news/info, that deserves its own thread, in such official XXX threads. I realize that it is tough ask, but a campaign/encouragement drive won't hurt especially in a time when Bangladesh cricket does not have international series/tournament. I noticed these are the time when those threads pops up top on the list right after stickies! And these are the time when I (personally) am hungry to see some interesting news/info/thread on Bangladesh cricket in BC. So when I open BangladeshCricket forum in BC, and see those official threads on top, it takes about 5-10 sec to drive me away from that forum to other forums (eg, forget cricket)

I wish I could offer more ideas on the issue/concern, but it is such a delicate one!

Thanks again for spending some time on it.
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