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Default Why all the hoopla because of Tam's and Shak's IPL team exclusions?

I just felt this post needed to be created to express my absolute apathy for any IPL team exclusions. I don't give a rat's behind if Shak and Tam sit on the bench the whole tournament. They are getting paid, it is an internal team decision, and I feel like I shouldn't prod my nose into the business of a club team in the IPL.

International cricket is the elite echelon in the cricket being played in the world, and my primary concern is the Bd team selection, not Pune Warriors or Kolkata Knight Riders.
As entertaining the league is, the IPL has become a player transferring circus. They don't clearly care to establish the core of a team, and would rather be contempt with buying a complete set of new players every season. So I see no reason to get so upset. Just be proud to get a contract, and perform when you are selected. And that's what Tam and Shak will do hopefully, to the best of their abilities.

And I'm out.

Your boy Roey.
God has put a permanent curse on the Bd team because they have not gotten rid of Rahim.
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