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Originally Posted by maysun
So he's rubbing in with the guys, good to see
Rubbing what?? That too with guys...??? Where did you see????

Disappointed with his inclusion in PW.... Would be better to not to take him. 40,000 $ is max that he can get... But the dent in his confidence is going to be enormous. He is being made to believe that he isn't anyone one to be counted in cricket... That's damaging... This amount of money isn't worth that... That's partly the reason pointing and a few others opted to be out of IPL...

Had it been a huge price tag like Mash had, it could be acceptable...because that price tag was a bit of protection against damage to confidence...

TI should leave the camp and not sleep in hotels for just 40,000$... Razzak and Ash ahsnt yet recovered from the damage...caused by that 40,000 ... In IPL
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