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I expected the Pens-Philly series to end in 7, preferably with a Pens victory, but Giroux and company proved to be too hungry for early advancement. Great to see such intense rivalries in the League. The Wings have had a couple of such rivalries in the past. the Leafs (before the 90s) and the Avs (the 90s), before the other teams fell off the top shelf. No hope of reviving things with the Leafs, they won't be good enough unless they move south of the border to places like Oklahoma City or Galveston, Texas (places where they don't differentiate hockey and hokey), but the Avs may be on their way up. I've said it once and I'll say it again: NO Canada-based team will win the Cup in my lifetime. The rivalry with Chicago was always in good spirit.

The Flyers are for real this year. More skilled than the Broad Street Bullies and the Legion of Doom (we swept them in the '97 SCF, being huge underdogs and all), they play together as a team and not around a particular super star like Bobby Clarke or Eric Lindros. Giroux adds the type of skill and finesse they've never had before, and that alone has transformed their typically rock-'em-sock-'em-dump-and-chase hockey into the balanced game we've seen all year this year.

I expected Vancouver to choke. The Rangers are next.
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