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I actually bought a jadoo tv box few months ago, and it's working perfectly fine. I got fed up with Dish Network, for the last 2 year they were charging me $15 dollar extra in some sort of international fee which they just randomly felt like applying to my account without telling me or anything. So I just thought whatever I'll try it, I saw this other guy has it and seemed to work fine. I'm glad I bought it. It cost me $264 including shipping. I had it for 3 months so far, I cancelled my dish network deshi package which I used to pay roughly around $40 every month so that's $120 right there. Couple more months and the $264 will be covered. The quality is pretty good, it doesn't buffer. Now I have also access to Neo Cricket, Geo Super cricket channel and this other indian cricket channel so I don't have to worry about finding links anymore. I watched the entire Asia cup I had no problem. I have pretty much all the bangla channels and they work perfectly fine plus I get this sylheti channel from England it's called S tv or something. It's freaking awesome, I love the ads they make my day.

Faceoff bhai, it's all pretty much the same thing. Jadoo, btv aie rokom aro dui ekta ase. Same thing just different name. There is no guarantee it will work for you forever, they have no control over the channels. They just provide the box, the channels are uploaded by individuals, so if for some reason a channel goes offline there is nothing they can do.
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