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What an interesting postseason this is turning out to be! The Kings aren't surprising me a bit but the Devils sure have. Definitely looks to be toss up much like the other Eastern semis.

I'm not sure if Nashville has already run out of steam after outworking us in the first round, the way the Sharks did for a couple of years before them, but Phoenix looked pretty solid at home.

We're expected to make some big moves come July 1, and in light of all the cap room we have, Parise is a realistic target. Not sure either Weber or Suter is. Nashville won't let them go. Holland and Babcock are under pressure and have come under criticism for their favoritism. Bertuzzi, Hudler, Stuart and Emmerton need to be offloaded ASAP. Franzen, once thought of as "lazy during the regular season but a playoff performer", has quickly become "performs during the regular season but lazy during the playoffs". What's next? "Lazy all year around"?

Here's what I'd like to see next year, if Nick calls it quits.


-Howard & McDonanld ... Howie tends to nap when not faced with a lot of shots. He needs to work on that. Conklin just sucks.


-Weber/Suter/Other Elite D & Ericsson
-Kronwall (A) & Quincey/Kindl
-White & Smith

F(LW + C+ RW):

-(New Acquisition)/Zetterberg (A) + Datsyuk (C) + Zetterberg (A)/Holmstrom (or New Acquisition if he retires) ... scoring line capable of checking

-Nyquist + Filppula + (New Acquisition) ... scoring line capable of checking

-(New Acquisition) + Parise + Eaves ... checking line capable of scoring regularly

-Abdelkader/Miller + Helm (A) + Cleary/Conner/Miller ... checking line tiring the opposition and capable of scoring the odd goal

I'm sure Franzen, Hudler and Stuart can be traded. They'll free-up even more cap space in the process.

BTW, where are you Beamer?
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