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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
Do you honestly expect me to write out the whole thing? No one calls Zunaid- Zunaid, or ZeeshanM- ZeeshanM. Oron is short and cute, get used to it!

IDK why some people get so anal about their names, in general. At the beginning of every new sem. some blonde chick has to spend about 15 min to get her name across. "No it's like Brittany with a H in the middle and the end"... NO BODY CARES!

Of course I don't expect anything from anyone in this forum as I don't know anyone here.. But all I expect is if I prefer to write my name properly then people would show respect to that.. As far as I know everyone calls Zunaid bhai as Zunaid bhai.. No one calls him Zun. For Zeeshan I know some people call him Zee but it seems like they know Zeeshan for a long time..

Anyways I wouldn't have made a fuss about my name if you weren't so fussy about how we should post here or what avatar we should use or how the captions should be written.. You have to understand not everyone here has a high taste or good knowledge of everything like you.. Of course you have all the right to express your opinion.. But when you say "NO BODY CARES" that implies on you as well.. If you don't care then no one else will care for your opinion..

Ok mine is not a rant .. I just wanted to explain my point.. Hope you would understand..

Peace Out (copying Peaceman bhai's sig here)
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