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Dude, Where am I at? I am hiding, thats where I am at. Crushing loss for Pens. I knew they were good and the toughest match up for us, but never thought our defense and goalie would pull that kind of crap. To make matters worse, my wifey's family is from Philly, and they are giving it to me. I have basically deleted some from FB, ignoring calls, and is with Ray Shero for signing those two bums in Paul Martin and Zybanek Michalek last year. We are stuck with their contract. $5m and $4m with NTC. They are so bad that Martin was benched and Michalek relegated to third pairing. The call up kids from WB-S was way better, but by then we were already 0-3 down. Then, there is Fleury. Don't know what to make with this guy. Great one game, shitty for next two. Can't do it. To make matters worse, the M & M contract which ties up $9mil per year, leaves us with no wiggle room. So, someone has to be moved. Staal and Crosby contract are up, Malkin a year after. We will surely part with one. Just sad all around. Defensive faults were just too glaring. We were getting by because we were scoring five-six goals every game down the stretch. But, Philly can match you score for score, and we got exposed. Haven't watched a single game since we bowed out. So, really can't comment on the rest, but clutching, obstruction and grabbing is back in NHL. It has slowed down the game for talented high scoring rosters. So, Pens-Wings-Hawks-Nucks are all out, despite having superior talent. The defensive style is winning big time. Just look at the teams left. I think, some re-adjustment need to be done with talented rosters.

I will drop by from time to time. BTW, we are having our first child in early July. Pray for us. Getting super busy already. Awaiting the birth of the newest Tigers fan !!!
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