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Originally Posted by Navo
^^ I'm not surprised that he's a very supportive team mate. (Very nice words by Mr. Bhattacharya btw!) As a professional sportsman and a former national captain, I think he realizes better than any of us fans how important team combinations on the field are and how important team chemistry is in general.
Dushtu loker mishti kotha

Actions speak louder than words.

Joy "Bhat- chorai khao" aka Boy George continues his excellent PR routines
WOnder how much SHakib likes this *&*((*&(

I'm not going to pander to this imbecile- Hope KKR lose all their matches and Shakib isn't played

WHere's that Essex contract? Shakib should wait around a bit, take the cash and go to the UK once county season starts
"Now all of you line up alphabetically according to height"-anonymous Rugby Union coach
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