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Congrats bro, may GOD continue to grace you and Bhabi with His blessings. Now I have no reason to avoid Pittsburgh.

Welcome back to the thread BTW. This just ain't the same without you. I know what you mean about Shero. Holland's been going through quite a bit of criticism also, as I've mentioned earlier. Sure we have a lot of cap room, if Nick retires (I hope he doesn't) we'll have more, but a "money puck" team like ours ought to have even more. More than enough to rebuild. Lazyboy Franzen, Gutless Hudler, Slowmobile Bertuzzi and Idiot Stuart are grossly overpaid for they've been producing of late, and even Zetterberg has been mediocre since scoring 43 goals and getting the Conn Smythe. He has declined from elite status to the player Filppula was supposed to be. Bad prospects like Emmerton have been getting way too many chances. Anyway, we'll see what Holland does come July 1st. He'll lose his job if we don't win the Cup over the next 2 years and the Illich family will have to bring Yzerman back as GM and President, the dream scenario for the Red Wing Nation. Holland needs to sign Weber (unlikely), Suter (likely) and Parise (likely) and get rid of the dead weight. He'll spend a lot on J. Staal should he become available.

This year's playoffs show how "lesser" teams have managed to exploit the complacency of the more skilled, puck-possession type teams. They forecheck and backcheck us into the boards and force us to take weak shots at their strong goalies. Then when they get their chances, they bury those with ease. Skilled guys like Giroux add considerable punch to that strategy as goalies like Fleury and our Howard (although not the same class as Fleury YET) are caught napping. These guys tend to nap when not faced with a lot of quality shots initially. Elliot and Holtby are the same. Rinne, Quick, Thomas and Lundquivst on the other hand, are always focused.

I see a Kings versus Devils/Flyers SCF this year, now that the Preds look to have run out of gas after playing us. Kovalchuk is an amazing player and Marty looks solid in goal, and future Red Wing Parise is simply awesome. Quick, Richards and Carter have made the Kings difficult to play against and even more difficult to beat.
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