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Thank you brothers !

Sohel- You are welcome anytime...

You are spot on with your observation. Couldn't agree more how "lesser" teams have played and continue to play this year. Post lock out, every obstruction was called, and teams like Pens emphasized on puck moving skating defenders to get the puck out of zone quickly to join the rush. We focused on those type of D men instead of big space eating defense first defense men. But, when obstruction is not enforced like it was in previous years, those smaller faster D men are a liability instead of strength. Not an excuse for our shocking exit, but, something to ponder as we rebuild if obstruction rules are not enforced.

Wings have tons of cap room. Plus, the lore of Wings doesn't hurt luring UFA's. Webber ( hope he and Z berg gets along after that assault ) and Parise are rumored to be joining Wings. We have no cap room, unless we eat the $9 mil with M & M. Very unlikely. Our defense needs an overhaul. If it was up to me, I will try to trade Martin and Michalek ( but not possible with contract like that ), or just buy them out and admit mistake. Also trade Orpik ( on his way down ). Keep Letang. Sign Suter. Bring up Simon Depres and make him a full time starter. Ditto Brian Strait. Re-sign Matt Niskanen. And, sign a big space eating mean guy like Brian Allen of Carolina.

Jordan Staal will be moved. So sad, but no other option. Will Malkin be moved? Who knows. But, how do move MVP type players who puts up numbers? and, especially when nobody knows whats the thing with Crosby. Is he one hit away from you know what again??? In that case, at least you have a MVP player the stature of Malkin. Crosby will never be moved. He is the franchise here. But, its important for him and us that he lasts the whole year next year. He was rusty and who can blame him when you spend so much time away. So, critical for him to rest and regain his playing form back this summer and we can go from there.

I am rooting for Coyotes. Dave Tippet is a favorite, an ex-Pen, and he has my support.

Wings better not fire Babcock ( heard some rumors ). If they do, Bylsma is goner the same day, and Babcock will be hired here. I assure you that with 100% certainty. He is admired big time here.
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