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Some are on Babcock's case but they're pretty small in number. People are having issues with Holland and some of the underperforming, overpaid players I've mentioned already. Most feel that if those players cannot perform the way Babcock wants them to, they didn't, we should get rid of them and not Babcock. People want nothing short of winning the Cup, and are beginning to find Holland gloating over consecutive 100 point/playoff seasons offensive and demeaning. We're not the Maple Leafs FGS! Even winning the President's Trophy means nothing to us. You're a Steeler fan and know exactly what I'm talking about.

That being said, "local guy" Bylsma is hugely popular amongst the fans as are all Michiganders coaching and playing elsewhere. Tim Thomas, Ryan Miller, Kessler and Legwand probably top that list. Anyway, Wings fans have immense respect for the Pens for beating us at the Joe in game 7 and taking the Cup, and admire Malkin, Fleury, J. Staal and Letang. Crosby has never been popular here but everyone sympathizes with his situation, wants him healthy, and sees his value as perhaps the greatest point machine since Gretzky. I feel the same way and must appreciate his egomaniacal desire and hunger to score. He is the Tendulkar of hockey.

Looks like the Caps may oust the Rangers and face either the Devils or the Flyers in the Eastern finals. The winner of the NJ/PA series will make it to the SCF and will have a great chance to win it all. Giroux made me hate the Flyers less now, something not even favorite players like Forsberg and Brindamour were able to do during their respective stints in Philly. What an AWESOME player!

I'm sure the Kings will take the West this year by doing to the Coyotes what the Preds (and the Sharks before them, TWICE) did to us. My money's on the Cup going to Hollywood this year. With Quick in goal, they're just too tough to beat.
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