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Originally Posted by mar umpire
With the IPL in full swing and the knockout phases fast approaching, debates run hot, regarding especially the KKR players and the Pune (insert your own alias for them here) warriors

It's time we have an objective loook at the players involved and their performances and value to their respective teams

This week we look at a true legend of the game and a potential legend of the game

AKA- KOLSHE (messr Simon), The Wilderbeest and other names that can't be mentioned
Current Teams: KKR and PhuPhu club

Profile photo

Caption:Kallis in his award winning role as "The Kolshe-FIrst Burden". However it was not as successful as "Rambo-FIrst Blood" due to the lack of action and runs made by Kolshe

Jacuques plays in many forms including the Kolshe form as displayed above. In this season for the KKR he has been true to form, The Kolshe has sat there and has done nothing. He has had a lot of money poured into him however like a true Kolshe he has been unable to move or do anything. With scores almost as slow as our other favourite player Ganguly (insert your own nick here) we have a true legend of the IPL and KKR.

As we move on we note the fact that Kolshe' are things that are simply "Gharer bojha" being carried about on the shoulders of people. True to form Kolshe has been carried by his team mates throughout the tournament, further fulfillinf his role as "Head Kolshe of the KKR"-in fact some people claim KKR is actually an acronym of "Kolshe Khelai Rakho". However this is yet to be verified by "Boy George" Joy "Bhat-choraya-khai".

"As seen above the Kolshe does not only become a burden to his team but also the general population in general. He loves to be carried on the heads of people-"tel dile mathai uthe jai" as claimed this young boy who was once a Kolshe fan"

More to come on this intriguing character.............................
lol..mar umpire bhai..

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