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Originally Posted by mar umpire
Of course not-the fact he was drunk, had lost his ability to inibit unwanted behaviours (not just cerebellar function, his prefrontal cortex didn't seem to be in good shape)-has nothing to do with alcohol.

If people can have issues with Wills sponsorship and that being a tobacco company and don't see any problems with alcohol sponsorship-then LOL

Symonds, Warney, Ponting, Gibbs etc etc the list goes on-different characters-monsters under alcohol, alcohol problems

Personalities predisposed to this type of behaviour are loaded guns and a bit of alcohol then pulls the trigger

in the acute setting smoking is usually a lot less dangerous (unless you're smoking a missile or something)

Nor am I going to blindly support Destiny because it was associated with BPL

That's why i admire Amla
Just because they are being sponsored by alcoholic beverage company doesn't mean they have access to them 24/7..

They have after night parties at clubs/hotels. And no one is forced to attend it. This one, was an act of one's judgement which failed to distinguish between the right and wrong under the influence of alcohol. Not everyone under the influence of alcohol have a bad judgement.
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