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"My son went to a friends birthday party"
Friend's name was Rave ganguly-no wonder ganguly didn't want a post mortem, he wanted a rave party instead

"He is not that type"-rofl stereotypical response. Feel for the mother though probably buys the cock and bull story son gave or perhaps sharma's innocent

Rahul SHarma
"I am tired man
I guess raving is hard work and he would be tired

IPL in it's death throes? Going out with a bang? WIll it be a supernova that leads to a black hole that's going to suck in everything including Vijay Mallya or even Sidarth mallya's blackberry(sorry to RCB supporters had to have a go at S Mallya's tweets)?

QUOTE=Naimul_Hd;1524538]Another dhamaka !

IPL players caught in Mumbai rave party

"Now all of you line up alphabetically according to height"-anonymous Rugby Union coach
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