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Ahh.. again a Saj Sadiq thread bump..

You guys should sue Kamal for this delay... jk
Watching cricket is what outside part of this entertainment show, and we are part of it as fans. But paying the performers is what happens behind the curtain in professional arrangement in secret. As long as no player or their agent claim it thru leagal ground yet, I'll assume even they ain't fully paid, but got enough to shut up for the moment. C'mon unlike ICL/PCL, BPL is a professional event guaranteed by BCB, a govt body we are talking about here! Today/tomorrow everyone's due will be paid. Pak professionals knows it very well as they been playing here in BD for long, experienced with Bangladeshi way of burgain & fractions in payments is part of business here. Contracts are more shown as formality; peer relation & trust is what real base here.

Even if FICA head, Tim May has some interest on this issue, but Saj illegaly publishing Tim's threat mail to BCB head in PakPassion is nothing but intensional personal droll to spoil BD image.
I'm really ashamed for BCB's breaching contracts here as they ignor Our image in abroad and let this mishap, but also I'm in a stance for forgiving BPL's gov body to successfully arrange such IPL-like show in such short notice, allthough leaving number of questions for ill-organised league.

Dear Pak bros MARK it, BPL2 will happen, even Pak players get paid or not. So keep trolling as long as you got the drums & sticks. I'm not someone who would ever want to have a bro in law like Afridi anyway.
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