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Originally Posted by mufi_02
And what is your point corneredtiger? I see you coming here and just bashing everything that has to BD cricket and BCB. Pak has long and rich cricket history while BD is slowly starting to make a mark. All your posts has been highly critical everything related to BD cricket. While Pakistan has produced Wasim, Imran Khan, Miandad..they have also produced Salman Butt, Mohammed Asif and Mohammed Amir. But there is no need for me to go to PakPassion and bash everything related to Pak cricket and PCB.

You are welcome to criticize but please don't make it your only agenda.

Whatever happened regarding the tour should solely rests on Kamal. He was the only one that proposed and gave words to Zaka. So don't say that after going to Asia cup Final, BD started to think about highly of themselves and etc. We would love to go there but not now as this is not a safe situation. Don't judge the action of one Kamal and form an opinion about an entire team and millions fans. But I strongly that after the tour was cancelled, Pak media went on a rampage to find everything negative about BD. Once again, Kamal was wrong and we all agree on that. But no need to go overboard and go all nuts.
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