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i have studied with bangladeshis in my school days. i never experienced this type of anti pakistan rhetoric as is on this website at least not to my face with them infact most of them were and are my best buds. living is pakistan and you people have absolutely no idea about the security situation. here was me and 60,000 other lahoris getting ready to finally welcome an international side back home and that was turned into a circus humiliating the nation. it does leave a bitter taste in the mouth. i have been following your forum for over 2 years now. just made an account to try and clear alot of misconceptions about the current situation in pakistan but apparently most bangalis were so p*ssed off at losing the final...that shouldnot be a criteria in choosing whether to visit a nation or not. infact if you probably ask your players they wouldnt have a problem with playing in pakistan. oh well you people are so hell bent on antipakistanism i see your point. it was a mistake to make post here. im off. been a pleasure. sorry for trolling but their isnt anything i posted which was false
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