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Originally Posted by mufi_02
I just have one questions for you corneredtiger.

Do you really think its safe for an intl team to tour Pakistan? Forget all the Kamal/BCB fiasco, but as a lahore resident, do you think its safe?
look it was safe in 09 as well. the only reason why the srilankan bus was attacked was that the elite police supposed to be for their security was deployed by the governor of punjab for his own defence due to political struggles with the chief minister.
and yes it is safe. there are attacks in the tribal areas and in khyber pakhtunkhwa but even i would suggest that you go ahead and check out the number of suicide attacks or other terrorist attacks in punjab over the last year and a half. there have been none. in addition to this the security to be provided this time around was supposed to be 100 times more. and if this time god forbid anything happened this government wouldnt survive and they knew that. but i guess better u didnot visit. it should be sri lanka first
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