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Originally Posted by Sohel NR
Trolling? Really? Though not the biggest soccer fan, I've been a Barcelona fan since 1983.Not being an integral part of this PUBLIC thread is irrelevant. BTW, I played High School soccer in Europe and won the ISST gold in soccer with ASP in 1985, my senior year. Later played NCAA soccer during undergrads in the US. Not entirely ignorant of the game.

Take it easy, will you? I'm not the enemy here

I understand the intensely bad blood between Barcelona and Real Madrid and share some of those feelings for personal reasons I don't care to go into here. Feel free to do whatever research you want, but hanging-out in their Spanish forums for a couple of months will be enough for you to understand the their class and mindset. Use Babelfish if you don't speak Spanish.
Err, I was referring to myself being a Real fan! And I see that, you've played quite a lot of football and I'm in no way defaming your knowledge of the game and your history(which I've noticed is pretty impressive)..
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