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Default F1 2012 Season

There usually used to be a thread for F1 almost every season. Noticed no one has opened one for this season so far, took the opportunity to do so before the Monaco GP this weekend.

So far, we've got five different winners for the five races that have been held so far. Seems to be the most open season..

Hamilton could've done better with his season, but due to certain strategy mistakes from the McLaren and certain violations of rules during qualifying he missed out on a lot of points..

The Mercedes team looks to have made massive improvement from the previous season, with both Rosberg & Schumi putting in decent performances.

Lotus Renault with Kimi & Grosjean seems impressive with Kimi putting all his experience into it after an absence of 2 years in F1.

Ferrari is putting in mixed performances with Massa struggling to put even decent laps during qualifying and getting a lot of criticism.

Redbull drivers haven't got off to a great start to the season, struggling with the front wings and their machine looks a lot off the pace than their previous season. Vettel is punching though, but the team leads the constructors championship.

Grandprix's so far:
1. Australian GP - Button, Vettel, Hamilton
2. Malaysian GP - Alonso, Perez, Hamilton
3. Chinese GP - Rosberg, Button, Hamilton
4. Bahrain GP - Vettel, Raikkonen, Grosjean
5. Spanish GP - Maldonado, Alonso, Raikkonen

1. Sebastian Vettel - 61
2. Fernando Alonso - 61
3. Lewis Hamilton - 53
4. Kimi Räikkönen - 49
5. Mark Webber - 48
6. Jenson Button - 45
7. Nico Rosberg - 41
8. Romain Grosjean - 35
9. Pastor Maldonado - 29
10. Sergio Perez - 22
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