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Originally Posted by simon
^ last jebar Danguly BD te ashchilo shebar ki or plat e bhalo ilish mach pore nai naki? amader pechon lagse keno?
ei lok er shomoshsha ki,lojja tojja kichu nai? nije kkr theke baad porse abar Pune keo dubaise kintu boro boro kotha,analysis,upodesh thamena.

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Asholei lojja nai.. or obostha emon je any team should particularly not follow his suggestion as almost all of his decision were wrong !!!

ei Danguli moha dhurondhor.. he made sure to mention Shakib's name to drop as he must be really pissed at him for taking the game away from him.. pure chhotolok ekta..shows his true color and class

I remember last year Balaji gave away I think 24 runs or so in the last over for which KKR lost but KKR supported Balaji and brought him back the next match.. soo one poor performance shoudn't be an indicator of Shakib's class !!
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