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This now brings us to a player of the highest calibre Saurav Ganguly

NAMES: Saurav Ganguly, Shoe-rob "Dung"-guli or in the banglacised form Shoe-rob "Gu"-guli

Teams-Pune etc etc warriors
Status-The reject player. Looks around for struggling teams to plunge them to lower levels with the idea in mind that once you reach rock bottom you can only go up. Then blame everyone else.
COntribution: a new target for PETA campaigns after wearing a dead animal for the whole of IPL5. The specie cannot be confirmed although it is not the skunk Kevin Pietersen wore a few years back. It is beleived "Gu"-Guli/"Dung"-guli went for local flavour and has been wearing a semi-cremated mongoose on his scalp.

His fashion sense only just surpassing his current ability with the bat, ball, spoon, fork and microphone.

Profile Picture:

Note the following image and information is not for those who may be eating

Cow-"Dung"-guli derived his name from a product that has multiple uses in the subcontinent with hope that as people remember him they will equate his excellence to that of the excellence of the "Gobor". And indeed it has transpired that way-just like Mr Kamal and his anti-Midas touch turning everything to Gobor our "DUng"-Guli or "Gu"-guli has surpassed even kamal in that he is "Gobor" itself.
His uses are many, from being used as fuel to drive political campaigns as well as driving media fires ranging from his attitudes towards Bdeshis and his infinitely "Gobor"minded decisions. yes while Kamal may touch things which turn to Gobor, our "DUng"-guli emits more Gobor than a mutant cow with 8 stomachs that has been sufferring from gastro. "Dung"-guli's "Hot air comments" not to mention his gobor emission is believed to be contributing to the exceedingly hot temperatures in the IPL this season.

One player even claimed
"Playing in Chennai is like putting your head in an oven and turning it to 200 degrees-but playing in Pune is like approaching a sunspot-no wonder that poor mongoose which Dada sports as "hair" became cremated even before it landed on his head"

Depsite these negative connotations that "Dung"-guli or "Gu"-Guli has it would be fiercely unfair to label him as not being dangerous. Like the classic "Gu" once this man is touched by team owners or team-mates they are characteristically smeared with his odour and stains that even OMO, Keya Soap etc etc struggle to remove. He is not a thing to be messed with-He is the "mess" that is the Gu. Gan-"Gu"-Li is a man whose first and middle parts of his surname are "Gu" and providing he stays around you may expect more smearsand more messes with him.

This leaves fans with only one choice regarding Gu-Gu-Li

that is put him to use

Note: this thread does not condone the burning of real life cricketers in order to provide warmth on a winter night or boil some rice.

It does appear to condone their bruning in special situations nonetheless
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