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Points well-taken everyone, especially allrounder and fab - can't argue with them. Thank You and yes I should go in quest for the truth.
But there is no such a thing as reading the "truth". It's either this side of the story or that side of the story. And not all of us have enough idle time or Arnab's forte of fast reading to read 20 articles each day from both angles.

I am well aware of some of U.S.' evil actions. They are obviously not saint. But then I am sure US is not as bad or the "opponent" is not as good as you guys portray them to be. In either case, I am still learning and hopefully I will have a formula to think more objectively!

Now, Pundit:
But wow, this dude doesn't even have one Gringo RBC, and we still hear all the jingoistic sermon !
First of all it's not jingoism at all, it's just what I think is right.
And what's with this Gringo RBC? My mom gotta be white for me to support America? I am sure you have enough Iraqi blood in you that makes you wanna defend it. Or is your Muslim blood so concentrated that you are willing to defend your terrorist "brothers"?

Please tell me what did your Muslim/Iraqi/whatever blood did for you? Since you are an American resident and have a good job in America, I can say that America has done a lot for you. It's good to support it (am not saying support it when it's doing something wrong), but just stop "supporting" everything that is anti-American.

Anyway, the way I see it, I am just exploiting economically
Exactly! The quintessential hypocrite!
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