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Default Excuses

Just stop downloading songs that don't belong to you! Criminals are fighting back ... where are we?

By the way, they really don't want to sue you or go through all those process of identifying you. The whole idea is to scare people off and it's working! You guys are concerned aren't you? So it is the right step to take.

That 1% kazaa users are vital. They are the ones buying the CDs. I agree with the part where you mentioned they should find some alternative way to do businesss using the ease of p2p. Yes they are doing it with the apple music ... So they know what they are doing.
And yes they have every right to stop users from illigal activites!

Blanche you paid for it??? I feel so bad for you! Sucker! Search for "kazaalite" on google, you will be amzed what you can get for free!

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