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I see Anamul as a type of cricketer who can adjust to the situation and score solid runs and lay a platform for the rest of the batsmen. Jahurul seems like that kind of player as well. But since Anamul is younger i would want him to be accustomed to the no. 3 position. This is because he is young and the no. 3 position has been a problem for us for a while. It is one of the most crucial positions in the batting order. We need to find a long term solution for this position. Anamul will be the solution.

The no. 2 batsmen (opening batsmen) is a hit and miss kind of role. It isnt as crucial as the no. 3 position. The no. 2 batsmen needs to score quick runs that the no. 3 batsmen can work off. The no. 3 batsmen is looking to bat out the whole innings whereas the no. 2 batsmen isnt. Tamim is looking like the type of player to make a solid 60 at a strike rate of 70 to create a foundation for the team. If Tamim takes this anchor role then the no. 2 batsmens role should be to score a run a ball 35 or 40.

I wouldnt mind Jahurul opening with Tamim but i really think Imrul could be a long term solution for Tamim. He hasnt been as consistent as we have hoped but he has proved to us that he can play cricket. Its a hard decision on who to pick as i also think Jahurul deserves his chance but he is sort of a stop gap solution anyway.

I thought for the long term and decided that Tamim should open with Imrul and Anamul should bat at no. 3. I know that Imrul can learn the role of scoring quick runs for the team. He has the capability to score at a run a ball. I dont think Jahurul will be able to be accustomed to this role.
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